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Comprehensive Cybersecurity and Database Management Solutions

Pacific delivers top-tier cybersecurity and database services, providing tailored solutions, comprehensive training, and expert support to safeguard digital infrastructures against evolving cyber threats and optimize database performance

Our Services

Our Main Services

We provide database management and cybersecurity services, including database administration, penetration testing, security auditing, incident response, security compliance, network security, endpoint security, cloud security, security education and training,

Database Administration

Comprehensive management and optimization for databases, ensuring smooth, secure, and efficient operation with expert remote oversight.

Database Optimization & Performance Tuning

Tailored database tuning to enhance performance, reduce latency, and improve application efficiency through expert analysis and optimization

Cloud Data Migration & Management

End-to-end cloud data migration and management services, ensuring secure, efficient transitions and optimized cloud database performance

Real-Time Monitoring & Support

24/7 database and cybersecurity monitoring, offering proactive support to prevent issues and ensure maximum system uptime and security

Comprehensive Cybersecurity Assessments

Detailed security evaluations to uncover vulnerabilities, offering a roadmap for enhanced protection and compliance with regulatory standards.

Incident Response & Threat Mitigation

Rapid response to cybersecurity threats, minimizing impact, and bolstering defenses to prevent future breaches with expert analysis

What Others Says

"PACIFIC 24/7 monitoring has preemptively optimized our operations, exceeding our performance

Who We Are

I'm Vincenzo Petrucci. I have founded the PACIFIC in 2023. PACIFIC is a container of all experiences done in 25 years working as IT specialist for different clients in the world. Today is the moment to concentrate all knowledge in a great lab and experience like PACIFIC. We organize workshop trainings, around the world, that are my way to help clients using new technology around database administration and cybersecurity: providing cloud services, data security, DB security and other in the best way.

I want to provide you also the tools to tune and to improve your businness. Come to my workshop or book a session for a discussion to discover in details the services PACIFIC is able offering for your problems. If you have performance issues or any other emergency. I can provide a solution; we can have a free session to understand your concern, it takes only 1 hour. Please send an email to


Our Customers

Fincons Group
United Nations
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