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Toutatis: Extract Public Data from Instagram Easily

To illustrate how to get information from Instagram profiles such as emails and phone numbers, we'll look at a method that uses a Python script called Toutatis

Toutatis is a tool that, while respecting privacy and not collecting non-public data (therefore it is not a hacking tool), allows you to access to different types of public information from Instagram profiles. These include the UserID, the type of account (e.g. business, verified), the amount of followers, the total number of posts and videos published, and also the link to the profile photo.

An interesting peculiarity of Toutatis is its ability to reveal telephone numbers and emails if these are publicly visible on the profile. Otherwise, it provides only the last digits or letters of this data.

To install and use Toutatis, you need to perform some operations. First, you need to clone the project's GitHub repository, then go into the downloaded directory and install the software using Python. The command to clone the repository is

followed by

cd toutatis/


python3 install

After installing Toutatis, to start an analysis, you need to log in to Instagram, open a profile photo of interest and retrieve the SessionID value of the Instagram cookie using browser development tools. Then, you can launch Toutatis with the command

toutatis -u username -s instagramsessionid

by entering the appropriate username and SessionID.

The article also reflects on partially masked phone numbers and email addresses, suggesting that, theoretically, by combining information from various services, it might be possible to piece together an almost complete phone number or email address. This observation highlights the potential vulnerability of partially hidden information on social profiles.

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