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Protecting Yourself from Hackers on Public WiFi Networks: An Essential Guide

Using public Wi-Fi networks, available in places like shopping malls, hotels, and airports, provides convenience for connecting to internet via smartphone or laptop.

However, these hotspots can be breeding grounds for hackers to hide in the network to steal sensitive data, passwords and even digital identities of users.

In this article, we explore the strategies hackers employ to access this information and provide advice on how to navigate these networks safely.

Man-in-the-Middle (MITM) attack

This method is commonly used by hackers to intercept data and passwords by inserting themselves between two communicating parties. A well-known example includes hijacking the connection to a website with a fake but similar one, as in the case of DNS Spoofing.

Creating a Fake Wi-Fi Network

Also known as "Evil Twin", this technique involves creating a fake access point to capture data. Using HTTPS sites can offer some protection against this type of attack.

Evil Twin

Packet Sniffing

This is a basic method for capturing data in transit over a network. Programs like Wireshark can be used for this practice, which is not illegal if the network administrator warns users.

Session/Cookie Hijacking

This attack focuses on acquiring information through packet sniffing. The hacker copies active browser sessions and accesses sites without entering passwords, often via Trojans or browser bugs.

Defense Strategies

Enabling HTTPS mode on all sites is a critical defensive measure. Using a different browser in anonymous mode when accessing public networks and activating a VPN can further improve security.


The presence of hackers on public Wi-Fi networks represents a serious risk to data security. Using a VPN and following the above precautions can help protect you from these attacks. For further information, we recommend purchasing our guides dedicated to the security of Android devices and safe browsing on Wi-Fi networks. Fi

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