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Password Recovery: Your Quick and Effective Solution

How to recover and find unencrypted passwords that have been stored and saved on your computer or phone for apps and websites

To recover saved passwords on computers and mobile devices, it is crucial to understand the techniques and methods available. This guide provides a detailed and professional analysis on how to recover passwords from apps and websites stored on your computer or phone.

Password Management Strategies

Many users tend to make critical password management mistakes, such as repeatedly using the same password or using simple terms, which compromise the security of online accounts.

When you forget a password and cannot recover it through conventional methods, such as email recovery, you can explore alternatives using the password managers available on your devices.

Methods to Recover Saved Passwords

This section focuses on various approaches and suggestions for recovering forgotten passwords, avoiding the use of standard recovery systems, especially when temporary emails have been used.

Google Chrome

In Google Chrome, saved credentials can be retrieved by accessing the browser settings. You can do this via the three-dot menu or by typing chrome://settings/passwords in the address bar. This is valid for both the desktop and mobile versions of the browser. You can also recover passwords associated with your Google account through the Google Password Manager.

Microsoft Edge

In Microsoft Edge, available on Windows 10 and 11, passwords can be recovered through the Settings > Profiles > Password. Edge uses the Microsoft account to synchronize passwords, which can also be recovered on the mobile version of the browser.


PasswdFinder is external software recommended for viewing passwords stored in browsers and other programs. It supports different browsers and email clients, also allowing you to print or save found passwords.


Nirsoft offers a range of password recovery tools on Windows PCs, including ChromePass, PasswordFox, WebBrowserPassView, Protected Storage PassView, Mail PassView, and EncryptedRegView. These tools allow you to recover passwords from the most common browsers, email clients and even the Windows registry.

Bitwarden and other Password Managers

Using a dedicated password manager, such as Bitwarden, it is recommended to store all your passwords in one safe place. Bitwarden is compatible with all modern browsers, Android and iOS devices, Windows PCs and Macs. It offers features such as two-factor authentication and autocomplete.


Recovering passwords is a delicate process, especially with the increase in security in modern browsers and operating systems that encrypt password databases. Using built-in browser password managers or dedicated solutions like Bitwarden can prevent the need to recover passwords in the future.

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