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Guide to Protecting Your Email and Electronic Mail

The security of your email inbox is crucial, given its importance as the main digital identity for accessing social networks and receiving vital communications. Being the victim of an email virus, or falling for online scams, often depends on the ability to identify and prevent these dangers. A compromised email can lead to serious privacy and security issues.

Here are some fundamental methods to protect your email inbox from phishing, spam, and viruses:

Use Separate Email Accounts

Having one email address for important communications and another for less critical tasks can increase security and make it easier to manage important emails.

Create Complex Passwords

Avoid using the same password for different accounts. Using password manager or Chrome password generator can help you manage different and secure passwords.

Avoid Phishing Emails

Be vigilant about emails that appear to come from official institutions and do not click on suspicious links. However, some legitimate emails may ask you to click on links to confirm your subscription to services.

Do not open unsolicited attachments

Avoid opening files sent without warning. Caution is essential to avoid viruses and malware.

Use a VPN on Public Wi-Fi

Securing your connection with a VPN on public networks can prevent theft of passwords and personal data.

Enabling Two-Factor Authentication and Using Email Aliases

These techniques provide an additional layer of security for your email inbox.


In conclusion, protecting your email inbox is essential and can be achieved by following these tips. If compromised, follow the appropriate guides to recover your login and password. It is also useful to periodically check security with a security checklist.

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