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Discover the Power of Ethical Hacking: The 15 Best Android Apps for Testing Network Security

In-depth Analysis of 15 Android Applications for Hackers: Intrusion and Hacking Tests on Wi-Fi Networks

Let's explore the world of hacking apps on Android, sophisticated tools that allow you to perform intrusion tests on networks. These applications are ideal for developers, network technicians, and computer enthusiasts who want to delve deeper into network security, identify vulnerabilities, optimize data transmission speed, or simply experiment with hacking in a home context.

These 15 free Android apps were chosen for their effectiveness in identifying weaknesses in Wi-Fi networks. Please remember that the use of these tools should be limited to the networks you own, and does not assume responsibility for damages resulting from use misuse of these resources.

An advanced terminal that imitates those present in GNU/Linux distributions, allowing access to a wide range of tools for discovering Wi-Fi passwords and test resistance to cyber attacks.

An advanced hacking operating system, running on Android, that offers a wide range of tools for hacking Wi-Fi networks.

network technicians and IT enthusiasts who want to learn more about network security"

This app scans your device for vulnerabilities, flaws in Wi-Fi networks and compromised system components.

A professional app to evaluate router security, resolve network issues and identify connected devices.

Effective for testing Wi-Fi networks and discovering weak points, with password recovery potential.

Provides a detailed overview of the network your phone is connected to.

A network sniffer that captures login logins on websites and social networks.

A tool for intercepting internet traffic on mobile and Wi-Fi networks, similar to Wireshark for Android.

Test the security of the Wi-Fi network, evaluating the possibility of connection without a password.

A network scanner program that retrieves and records data packets.

Allows you to hijack traffic and redirect the connection to websites.

A powerful network tool for man-in-the-middle attacks and other hacking activities.

A networking toolkit with tools to get information like Whois, port scans, and more.

 A network analysis tool to obtain various information such as IP address and MAC.< /p>

Allows you to monitor and control the network, viewing connected users and data transfer speeds.


Using these apps requires advanced computer science and ethical hacking skills. They are not tools for illicit activities but rather for learning and enhancing network security. Their effectiveness is limited against networks with advanced security protocols such as WPA3.

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