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Browsing in Private: Discover Alternative and Eco-Friendly Search Engines

Discover the best alternative search engines to browse online without an account and without leaving fingerprints

Google is many people's go-to place for online searches, but it's not the only option available.

Unfortunately, Google and other popular search engines are known to track user activity, then selling this data to advertising companies for commercial purposes.

In this guide, we will explore the best private and anonymous search engines, perfect for those who prefer privacy. These alternatives to Google allow you to access web content that is often not visible on Google.


DuckDuckGo is a search engine that guarantees full privacy and freedom.

Despite being less precise than Bing and Google, it does not apply censorship, allowing you to also find torrents and downloadable files, often excluded by Google to comply with the DMCA.

It is a popular resource in the open source community, as it does not track the user and does not display targeted advertising, unlike its more famous competitors. It is ideal for those looking for an unrestricted web experience.


Presearch is an emerging search engine that combines results from Google, Bing, Wikipedia and other sources. Its distinguishing feature is its open source and decentralized nature, which eliminates the need for a central server. It also offers cryptocurrency as a reward for use.

Presearch offers integrated searches not only on the web, but also on specific sites such as X, DuckDuckGo and Booking, guaranteeing complete results.

It enjoys an attractive interface and provides detailed results thanks to the use of Google and DuckDuckGo indexes. You can customize the homepage with icons from your favorite sites.


StartPage is an alternative to Google that respects privacy.

This search engine aims to provide similar results to Google, but without tracking users.


Qwant is committed to respecting user privacy.

Offers one of the most comprehensive homepages among search engines, with trending videos, web search options, social, image, video and global searches for unified results.< /span>

Although searches are fast and accurate, results may vary from other search engines.


Ecosia is unique because it supports reforestation using advertising revenue generated from searches.

By searching on Ecosia, you see non-invasive advertisements, the proceeds of which go to environmental projects. It's an original and useful way to contribute to the planet while browsing online.

Ecosia offers fast and accurate searches, making it an everyday option for those who want to help the environment.

Other anonymous search engines

In addition to the ones mentioned above, there are other private search engines that are worth trying:

Searx: free search engine that uses over 83 sources, guaranteeing total anonymity. Swisscows: Anonymous search engine without ad tracking, with family-friendly content. MetaGer: Metasearch from multiple sources, with open source code and powered by solar and wind energy, making it 100% eco-friendly.

Search Encrypt: search engine that encrypts requests, guaranteeing total privacy. Mojeek: multisite search engine that values privacy and ecology. Brave Search: Based on the Brave browser, anonymizes search results, preventing tracking. These search engines can be set as homepages in browsers, especially anonymous and secure ones like Mozilla Firefox.


Today it is no longer necessary to rely only on traditional search engines. There are several private and anonymous alternatives, which do not track users like conventional sites.

Most of these sites avoid tracking cookies, encrypt searches and do not store keystrokes. Some also have a positive ecological footprint, despite some advertisements.

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