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Advanced Encrypted Cloud Storage Solutions That Protect Data Confidentiality

Let's explore advanced and secure cloud storage options, offering space to upload files online with the option of a free account. These solutions ensure that files remain inaccessible to prying eyes.

Cloud storage is a common practice for saving important data, either as a backup or for remote accessibility. A primary concern in using cloud services is privacy protection: how can we be sure of the confidentiality and security of our data? Although most cloud services of note offer encrypted upload options, only some guarantee true data protection, fully respecting privacy regardless of the type of files stored.

In this guide, we present the best cloud services that not only respect privacy, but are also free. They are particularly useful for storing sensitive data or documents that require maximum confidentiality.

Technical Insights into Encrypted Clouds

To ensure data security, cloud services adopt various encryption methods:

Server-Side Encryption

Here, the encryption key is stored by the cloud server. This approach allows data recovery if the password is lost, but can pose privacy risks since the service provider has access to the data. Services like Google Drive, OneDrive and Dropbox fall into this category.

To ensure data security, cloud services adopt various encryption methods"< /span>

Client-Side End-to-End Encryption (E2EE)

The encryption key is managed by the user, making the data accessible only to him. Although data recovery can be complex if your password is lost, this mode offers superior security, preventing access to your data by third parties, including the service providers themselves.

In our guide, we focus exclusively on cloud services that support end-to-end client-side encryption, using Zero-Knowledge technology.

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Cloud Services Recommended for Maximum Security and Confidentiality

MEGA: An industry leader in secure, encrypted cloud, MEGA offers 20GB of free storage, with sync clients for Android and iPhone devices, desktop applications for PC and Mac, and extensions for major browsers. MEGA implements E2EE encryption, two-factor authentication, personal recovery key, open source code, and GDPR compliant servers.

Icedrive: An emerging service that provides 10 GB of free storage, with strong Twofish encryption, E2EE, a zero-knowledge platform for each account, and a 256-bit personal key generation system.

pCloud: Provides 10 GB of free space, sync app for mobile and desktop, with servers in Europe . It also offers an optional plan, pCloud Encryption, for additional end-to-end encryption.

Tresorit: Ideal for protecting corporate files, Tresorit is a Swiss-based service that offers a collaborative cloud with zero-knowledge technology and Swiss privacy laws, perfect for preserving industrial secrets and accounting documents.


By opting for these secure and encrypted cloud services, you can achieve a higher level of privacy than standard cloud services. For those who value confidentiality, it is advisable to store sensitive files exclusively on these clouds, activating client-side end-to-end encryption if necessary. You can also pre-encrypt files before uploading

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